Adventure Cove

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Your voyage awaits in the fast-growing community on 288! Meridiana is excited to announce that our second amenity village, Adventure Cove, has made a big splash in our community! With an exhilarating wave pool, tidal river, fitness center, large pavilion, food truck park and so much more, you will be left star struck.

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Grab your raft and begin a thrilling ride through the Tidal River! Giant waves break as you travel around every corner or catch it when the waters are calm to enjoy a relaxing float.

The Tidal River will be powered by Houston’s first dual-pneumatic wave system, two separate areas which will introduce high volumes of air to create recreational waves in the wave pool, and taller, more intense waves in the river.

Using a high-powered pneumatic system, our Tidal River will create an explosive new wave, up to 2.5-feet tall, every five seconds. Plus, multiple river booster stations will push thousands of gallons every minute to maintain the river’s base current.

However, moms and their little ones need not worry. The wave system can slow down the river for those looking for a slower pace that’s still fun for everyone.

Spanning 15-feet in width, the Adventure Cove Tidal River will be built with custom-carved, textured walls to contain its waves while creating a canyon-like feel as it winds under tall palm trees and around an island pool.

This endless river allows you to drift throughout Adventure Cove without ever leaving the water.


Our new wave pool in Adventure Cove will be like having a family waterpark right in your backyard. For residents, there’s no driving across town to get to a waterpark, no long lines and no expensive season passes.

Let your little ones splash and play in the waves without worry. Adventure Cove will be fully staffed with lifeguards on duty to ensure safety precautions are being taken, so everyone can enjoy a fun, safe time.

For something more relaxing, hang out along the gradually sloped beach or unwind in a lounger to take in the sounds of the rolling waves and nearby cascading waterfalls.


Splash about in the cool waters of the Island Pool by crossing the land bridge over the tidal river. All ages can enjoy this pool, whether it be taking a relaxing swim or playing a fun game of water volleyball.

Take in some vitamin D poolside on the spacious tanning shelf for those looking to enjoy the sun while cooling off in its crystal-clear waters. The Island Pool is surrounded by lounge seating with umbrellas, cabanas, chaise and deck chairs.


The sight and sounds of Adventure Cove’s cascading waterfalls pouring into the island pool’s crystal clear waters will certainly be among the setting’s most popular features. The waterfalls will play an important role in setting the right atmosphere and are sure to mesmerize guests as they recline on loungers or cool off swimmers on a warm sunny afternoon.


Located next to the Food Truck Park, our spacious Covered Pavilion is the perfect spot to relax in the shade! With a wonderful view of the Wave Pool and next to the green lawn space, lounge around or play a game of table Jenga with your family.

The Covered Pavilion is the perfect place to unwind and rest with a waterfront view.


The Food Truck Park is the perfect place to gather after floating around the Tidal River or catching some waves in the Wave Pool. After a friendly game of water basketball in the Island Pool, residents can head to the Food Truck Park to snag a picnic table and get a bite to eat from a delicious food truck.


The Adventure Cove Welcome Center is the new home of the HOA and is a great place to start your home search. At the front desk you will be greeted by one of our Guest Relations Specialist who are knowledgeable in all things Meridiana and will give you a private tour of our one-of-a-kind amenities!

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