Hey, Meridiana playmakers! Step away from the screens because we’re dialing it back to the good ol’ days when the fun was under the sun and games were all about the great outdoors. Welcome to the Game Area at the Oasis Village amenity center – where the spirit of playtime never sleeps!

🌟 Back to the Basics:
Before video games took over, there were outdoor games that fueled our competitive spirits and filled the air with laughter. At Meridiana, we’re bringing back that nostalgic vibe, reminding everyone that the real fun happens outside.

🏓 Ping Pong, Cornhole, and Foosball – Oh My!
Strings of festive globe lights set the stage for epic battles at our Game Area. Whether you’re a foosball pro, a cornhole champ, or a ping pong virtuoso, the competition is on – day or night! Challenge your neighbors, gather your friends, and let the games begin.

🏈 Lush Lawns for Pickup Games:
But wait, there’s more! Surrounding the Game Area are lush green lawns, practically begging for a pickup game of football or a round of tag. It’s the perfect setting for impromptu matches, spontaneous fun, and letting your inner athlete run wild.

🕹ī¸ Sun or Stars, the Fun Never Ends:
With Meridiana’s Game Area, you’re not confined to daylight hours. Those festive lights aren’t just for show; they’re your ticket to an after-dark gaming extravaganza. Whether you’re a daytime player or a night owl, the fun here knows no bounds.

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    Just off 288 on Meridiana Parkway, ten minutes from Pearland Town Center, with easy access north to Texas Medical Center and downtown Houston, and south to DOW and BASF, Meridiana is right where you want to be. Start your tour at the Oasis Village & Welcome Center.

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