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Incorporated in the center of the Amenity Village, the Skymap Lab is a fascinating, "visceral", hands-on, interactive laboratory that, among other things, illustrates the apparent motion of the sun over the entire year....from horizon to horizon.

Horizon-astronomy (watching the sun, moon, planets and stars) move along the horizon over time is how our ancestors, world over, measured the changing seasons. And as the sun approaches the extreme points at the solstices, it appears to stop for about two weeks (solstice means ‘sun stops’).

By rotating the Skymap’s attached “cursor”, one can even note the sun’s altitude at any time on any month. Where the cursor crosses the ‘our line and month line intersection, the degrees shown on the cursor tell us the altitude of the sun at that time.

Walking up to and through the circular Skymap, filled with curving lines, radial lines, and words, like "longitude", "latitude", "solstice", "azimuth", "meridian", etc., can be daunting without a guide or helpful teacher. For that reason, we are in the process of preparing a dedicated textbook and website to more fully illustrate all the features of this unique amenity. To see a video of the Skymap Lab, please click here.