• Visit our Amenity Village Monday - Saturday from 10am - 6pm and Sundays from 12noon - 6pm - Type in "Meridiana Welcome Center" into your GPS to find us!
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The pinnacle of extraordinary.

At the heart of the Amenity Village courtyard is Meridiana's 60-foot tall Meridian Tower. Not only is the tower a striking work of art, it is also a solar observatory that connects the earth with the sky. The tower creates a sun spot on the ground that moves as the earth spins, and crosses the meridian line at local solar noon. Each day this spot will be centered on the analemma etched into the ground at Solar Noon ( typically at 12:21 and 36 seconds). It is accurate to within two seconds of the atomic clock. Rise Communities engaged the help of Dan Lester, Ph. D. of University of Texas,to ensure the accuracy of this unique outdoor laboratory. A multitude of environmental and math programs have been organized by Rise Communities with the help of Alvin ISD around this remarkable exhibit.....but if nothing else, it's fun to simply stand and watch the earth spin. To view videos of the Meridiana Tower, click here.