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Galileo's Lab

Galileo’s Lab is designed to focus on discovery of the nighttime sky and its influence on historical navigation and travel.  Galileo Galilei was an Italian astronomer, physicist, philosopher, and mathematician who played a substantial part in the scientific revolution during the Renaissance period.  Among many of his achievements, the most significant include the telescope and consequent astronomical observations. Galileo has been called the father of modern science.

His name is befitting for the first learning lab at Meridiana.  Galileo’s Lab includes a planetarium, telescopes, a planetary solar system, a ships wheel and sextant, a whisper catcher, a fishing and observation deck, bird houses, a weather station, an outdoor classrooms, slides and climbing pieces, a rocket landing site, benches and tables and thematic planting.  Play and learning are integrated into a design that educates while providing physical activity and most of all fun for all ages. 

Rise Communities, along with their design team, worked with the Alvin ISD on the programming of Galileo’s Lab to assure that the lab not only works as a park for the community, but a one of a kind environmental outdoor classroom with a direct link to your child’s actual traditional classroom.  Students from kindergarten to high school will be challenged with the various learning experiences found within this outdoor lab.

Select Alvin ISD schools can even customize the lab’s multitude of “QR” codes  to target the lab’s learning experience directly to a specific class level. Imagine your kindergarten child being instructed via QR code about various shapes and textures. Additionally, that  same code can recognize that the user is in high school, and that your child’s science teacher has planned a series of  challenging  experiments that can be performed with the aid of the labs onsite sonar instruments. To see a video of Galileo's Lab, click here.